The Kozárovice quarry and granite

The Kozárovice quarry

In our Kozárovice quarry we mine granite. We supply building blocks, cube paving, sorted construction aggregate and custom granite monoliths. We focus on the production of granite elements of rough stone production. Therefore we produce all types of granite blocks for paving roads, curbs, wall blocks or stones for lining, regulating and stone residue. We are ready to custom make any atypical elements and dimensions to meet your needs. The stone is processed on high-quality technologies provided by the Czech company GESTRA CZ. We are able to provide up to 600 tons of cubes produced per month for you. We extract approximately 15 to 18 thousand tons of material per year in our quarry. At the beginning and end of the year, we also produce crushed material (aggregate) in basic fractions such as 0/32, 32/63, 63/125, as well as certified 0/20 backfill stone. In case of interest, we are able to provide quality granite blocks for further processing. We are happy to create custom products based on your special requirements – don’t hesitate to contact us. We can also discuss discounts if you‘re buying larger amount.

The granite of Kozárovice

Kozárovice granite (granodiorite) is mined around the village of Kozárovice, which falls into the quarrying area of the Central Bohemian (Sázava) pluton. Kozárovice granite has been known for more than 100 years. In 1900 it was used in the construction of the Viennese parliament and subsequently in many other constructions throughout Europe. In the Czech Republic, we can see it in the courtyard of Zvíkov Castle, in the Prague metro (line “A” and “C” as tiles), on the stairs of the National Museum and in many other places. Granite has a medium grain size, the color is gray to blue-gray with frequent gray-black inclusions with a size of 2-10 cm. It is mostly used in the outdoors for building blocks, cube pavings and rough stonework. In the interior, it is mostly used as cut tiles for large floors with a lot of traffic. Thanks to its quality, it is a very popular assortment on the Czech and foreign markets.